Friday, January 28, 2005

So I saw the new Constantine Commercial.....

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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Hollywood Hates Comic Fans.

Let's say you were a fan of a media character since a certain point in time. You know everything about the character & what made that character works. Now let's say Hollywood decides to make a movie out of the character. "YAY! Mushroom Man will be made into a movie" you say. As the movie gets made, you slowly find out that certain things are being changed. Some of these things are understandable & some are superfluous. Mushroom Man was a Portabello, but he'll be a shitake in the movie because he'll show more better. This doesn't mean anything to you because you really think they'll be totally true to Mushroom Man's character. The more they work on it, the more changes are made, but you don't mind. "Just as long as they don't mess with the character" You keep saying. You finally get to see the movie & it totally blows. Mushroom Man wasn't Mushroom Man. He was Action Figure #4 going through a generic action story.

Now. Why did this happen?

Because you don't matter.

Hollywood doesn't want to please you. They want to make money. And if it takes the total character assassination of Mushroom man to do so, so be it. You are the miserable fanboy who wouldn't be proud of anything you do. Therefore, they sell the casual fan shit to make the most money out of it.

This is why Elektra can do things veteran ninja can do with as little training as possible. This is why John Constantine is a Yankee with a crisis of faith. This is why DOOM rides with the Reeds & friends to look at cosmic rays.

Because it sells tickets.

What are we to do about it? Letter writing campaine? Nah. "Fanboy' would be flying all over the place & more changes will be made to spite you. Here's what you do. You get into a casual conversation about films like this, tell them the truth about the media that's being covered in the movie & show them the real material. Explain to them what gets changed & what is totally different than what producers want. Loan out materials if you need to. You won't regret it.

We'll soon show Hollywood that the stories & characters sell the material instead of how "renegade" the material is.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

2004: Year of Not Good Enough

Yes I said it. 2004 was the year of Not Good Enough. The year of half ass attempts & dressed up lemons. Where some media forms have "stayed their course" like deer in the headlights of mediocrity, others have had their metaphorical balls cut off & now pander to little green pieces of paper instead of the human hands that trade them. The music must grow up instead of being the old guy in the baggy jeans spewing vile attempts at false angst thinking to be accepted. TV must stop drinking it's vile formulas & get the idea in one's head that a small group does not run the dial of a civilization. Movies must get off the heroin of CGI & start creating real movies instead of remakes of wonderful movies & properties that are the same as the sources in name only. Books must be avant guarde in it's boundaries instead of trying to cater to the grocery store book worm who's only use of the tome is that of a doorstop. And politics....should be about new avenue & ideas instead of riding five blocks on a Harley in bright white Levis. Bringing exhalation to people...then punishing people for showing exhalation. saving our human family...instead of saving morals.

2004 should have been We Fixed It & Did Our Best. But in the end, it's Not Good Enough.
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