Sunday, February 06, 2005

My List For Pop Music Artists.

1. Play Good Music
2. What I mean by that is the stuff you don't make in 2 minutes or less
3. Sit down....and think while making lyrics. I know. Totally fucking new concept. Don't even need an Speak & Spell & a monkey. Just think.
4. Fuck over people who talk money figures to you by thinking longer.
5. Pretend that songs about Love, Money & Empowerment Through Dance mean shit sales. I know. I know. It'll hurt your tiny little brain, but you'll thank me later.
6. Smoke, inject, digest, rub into your belly something that will fuck you up for at least two hours.
7. Beer doesn't fucking count. Beer is for misers & weak shits who don't have a clue.
8. You...are what makes these concerts work. YOU! PR's job is to make you look good while having a heart attack. PR gets in your face for missing an interview or something, Knock Them The Fuck OUT! Just grab the first hard thing you can find & swing like you're in the Home Run Derby!
9. Play Good Music.
10. If you haven't followed these ideas, shut the fuck up & drop dead.


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