Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Jeff Gannon A Voice of the New Media

Jeff Gannon A Voice of the New Media

So let me get this straight. You call yourself the "New media" fighting against the "Old media" yet you softball questions where their supposed to actually count. That is an "Old media" tactic. But because you have a blog, you're "new".

This is what I fear as a technorealist. Truth be known people, blogs are like assholes. Sure this free technology is cool an awesome for the right people, but for every person that puts their blog to good use, there's always billy bob posting pictures of his ass every day or KAYLEE posting on how justen Tiberlak is jus 2 HAWTT!!!!! You can't believe how many I've gone through in a long boring day. The number is staggering.

So Mr. "Gannon", you are not "New Media". You never were "New Media". You're just a tool to your political reasoning who was snuck in on a loophole for a couple weeks filling time that could have been used for actual questions asked & actual answers being told. You then show how big & journalistic you are by posting in a blog & hope to god someone suck your egotistical cock because you put one over on the "old media".

You're just another asshole .


R. Bison


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